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Sunlink(Xiamen)New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd., established in 2019, mainly focus on solar products supply chain integration.

Our mainly products include LiFePO4 lithium battery, solar hybrid inverter, solar off grid inverter, battery cell, etc. Benefits from our many years of experience in solar industry, we coordinate with factories in solar panel, inverter, battery, ESS(Energy Storage System), mounting structure, etc for a long time, and we have built up a wide, strong, deep cooperation with those reliable factories in China.

Because we only focus on overseas business, we deeply understand what is the most important thing in global trade. At the very beginning of choosing suitable factories, we also wasted much time and money, so now our factories are all time and money-tested. They are those who we picked right for you, our trust-worthy, high-valued partners.

With our reliable, professional engineers, highly talented sales team, deep cooperation with powerful brand suppliers and 7-24 sale service system, we provide our clients with safe, stable and efficient solutions for all different kinds of solar projects.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the best proposal for solar solution, because it will vary depending on the specific project and the specific region in which it is being proposed.Working with us, you can always find the most suitable One-Stop photovoltaic system solution on your needs.

Our mission is to ensure every client who finds us to access to green energy with higher efficiency, to save time and money, to live a better life where there is no or not enough grid power.

We supply range from Tier 1 Brand solar panel to Top 10 brands inverter, include battery and ESS kits.

Our Products include the following:

All in one Home Energy System

Gel Battery

High Voltage Battery

Industrial Energy Storage System

Lithium Battery

off grid storage system

Solar Panel

Stackable Battery

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