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​Introduction to solar off-grid inverter


The solar off-grid inverter is a pure sine wave intelligent inverter power supply. The DC120V/DC240V/DC480V DC power of the battery is converted into AC220V/AC110V sine wave alternating current through the solar inverter power supply for user loads. The solar power generation system consists of solar power generation panels, charge and discharge controllers, inverters, batteries and other components. It is divided into several types according to the use method; the types are: pure inverter type; mains complementary type; inverter control integrated machine ;Suitable for DC120V or DC240V or DC480V solar inverter systems.

Working status description: (can add mains auxiliary charging function)

1. When the AC input and DC input are both normal, the battery pack (DC) is isolated and filtered, and then inverted into pure AC, and power is provided to the load through static switch 1 (i.e., DC inverter power supply);

2. When the AC input is abnormal and the battery input is normal, the DC is inverted into pure AC after isolation and filtering, and power is provided to the load through static switch 1 (that is, DC inverter power supply);

3. When the AC input is normal and the DC input is abnormal, the AC input provides power to the load through static switch 2 (i.e. AC power supply);

4. The conversion process is intelligent and the conversion time is extremely short, less than 5ms, ensuring uninterrupted power supply;

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