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15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack
  • 15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack

15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack

The fashion 15kWh lithium battery DIY pack is a customizable energy storage solution for solar power systems.

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Product Description

15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack

The newest 15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack can be charged during the day and provide energy during the night hours when the solar panels are not working. They have a larger capacity and can store more energy than other types of batteries. You will be able to use your home appliances during the night instead of having to rely on diesel-powered generators or other types of equipment that consume too much energy. The type of lithium-ion battery used in 5kwh Lithium Battery Stackable is lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which is known for its high energy density, long cycle life, and high safety standards.

One Pack
We offer all necessary components in one package,you don’t need to buy anything else by yourself.

Easy Work
The 15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack is easy to assemble,you can just follow our instruction video to do it by yourself.

Elegant look
The 15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack is just as elegant look as your inverter, your home appliances,your neighbours will never find out that you did it yourself.

The battery cells used in the DIY pack are lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) that have been arranged in a series and parallel configuration to achieve the desired voltage and capacity. The battery cells are connected to a battery management system, which monitors and controls the charging and discharging of the battery to ensure proper operation and to maximize the efficiency of the system.

When you receive the 15kwh Lithium Battery DIY Pack, please check the parts list first:

15kwh Battery Parts List:

No. Item Name Qty Unit Check No. Item Name Qty Unit Check
1 Blade cell 3.2v184ah (including cell holders) 16 pcs 11 Bus bar #5 12 pcs
2 Terminal port(+/-) 4 pcs 12 Bus bar #6 2 pcs
3 Power switch 1 pcs 13 M3*8 screws kit 1 pcs
4 BMS 16s100A
With Customized cell wire
1 set 14 M4*8 countersunk screw 9 pcs
5 Insulated wire sleeve 1 pcs 15 M4*10 screws kit 20 pcs
6 Battery case
(including mounting bracket)
1 pcs 16 M5*10 screws kit 28 pcs
7 Bus bar#1 1 pcs 17 M6*12 screws kit 4 pcs
8 Bus bar #2 1 pcs 18 M6 nut 32 pcs
9 Bus bar #3 1 pcs 19 ExpansionM8*100 2 pcs
10 Bus bar #4 1 pcs 20 Battery cable 4AWG 3 meter

Then please follow the steps below or the installation video to assemble it. If you need anything, please feel free to contact us.

Model 9Kwh 14Kwh 15Kwh
Battery Type LiFePO4 Blade Cell LiFePO4 Cell LiFePO4 Cell
Battery Grade Brand New Grade A Cell
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Rated Capacity 184Ah 280Ah 304/31OAh
Nominal Current 1OOA/15OA/2OOA *2
Nominal Energy 9.42Kwh 14.336Kwh 15.56Kwh/15.87Kwh
Operating Temperature*3
0℃~ 55℃(Charging)
20℃~ 60℃(Discharging)
Installation Wall-mounted Floor-mounted Floor-mounted
Battery Box Steel*4
Dimension(L/W/D) 850*500*150mm 880*520*170mm 880,520*170mm
Weight 76kg 113kg 113kg
Scalability Up to 16 units
Protection Class IP31
DOD 90%
Communication CAN2.0/RS485
Warranty 5 Year product warranty
Guaranteed Cycles >6000*5

*1.Battery Cell is optional.
*2.BMS current is optional.
*3.When the temperature is below 0℃ or above 45℃, the performance will be limited.
*4.Customized logo & DIY UV printing are available.
*5.Test conditions:0.2C charging/discharging,@25℃,80%DOD.

Due to unstable power sources and unreliable grid connections, there are frequent power outages in rural areas. Not only that, but rising electricity prices are becoming more and more worrying.

Sunlink’s DIY Lithium Battery Pack can realize off-grid and grid-connected power generation functions and realize two-way flow control of electric energy, which is suitable for small-capacity home power backup scenarios.

By installing Sunlink’s DIY Lithium Battery Pack, people’s rural electricity problem is solved, not only at low cost but also in line with their environmental protection concept.

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