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15kwh High Voltage Lithium Battery Stackable

15kwh High Voltage Lithium Battery Stackable

The quality 15kwh High Voltage Lithium Battery Stackable is a high-voltage energy storage solution designed for use in solar energy systems.

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Product Description

The quality 15kwh High Voltage Lithium Battery Stackable uses lithium-ion (Li-ion) chemistry and is designed to operate at high voltage levels, typically around 307.2V volts. High-voltage solar batteries like the nRuiT HV 15.0 kWh battery can help to maximize the power output of solar panels, improve energy efficiency, and reduce overall costs.
15kwh High Voltage Lithium Battery Stackable features a built-in battery management system (BMS) that protects against overcharging, over-discharging, and other common battery issues. It is designed for easy installation and maintenance and can be easily integrated with existing solar energy systems.
The battery is highly efficient, meaning that it can store and release energy with minimal losses. It also has a long cycle life, meaning that it will last for many years before needing to be replaced.
Overall, the 15kwh High Voltage Lithium Battery Stackable is a reliable and high-performance energy storage solution for solar energy systems that require high voltage levels. It can help to reduce energy costs and improve the efficiency and reliability of a solar energy system.

Technical Parameters

Model HVT10 HVT15 HVT20 HVT25 HVT30
Module Number 2 3 4 5 6
Nominal Capacity 52Ah 52Ah 52Ah 52Ah 52Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 10.2kWh 15.3kWh 20.4kWh 25.5kWh 30.6kWh
Nominal Voltage 204.8V 307.2V 409.6V 512.0V 614.4V
Maximum Continuous
Discharge Power
5kW 8kW 12kW 16kW 20W
Maximum Continuous
Charge Power
5kW 8kW 12kW 16kW 20kW
Dimension[W*D*H] 700*370 *540 700*370 *700 700*370 *860 700*370 *1020 700*370 *1180
Net Weight 121. 7kg 170.7kg 219. 7kg 268. 7kg 317. 7kg
Depth of Discharge 100%
Charging Temp. Range 0-50℃
Discharging Temp. Range -10-50℃
Communication CAN/RS485
Warranty 10 Years
Warranty Document Supplied Yes
Calendar Life >6000 Cycles
Protection Level IP65
Color White
Alarms Overcharge/Overdischarge/Overcurrent/Overtemperature/Short Circuit
Pros Can be used in both off-grid and hybrid setups, compact design, modular expansion
Optional GPS/GPRS
Module Connection Method Series
Compatible Inverters Megarevo/Growatt
Certification CE/UN38.3/IEC62619


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